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We are very energetic and hard working commercial ventilation canopy and duct deep cleaning company in London that really knows its stuff. Professionally and with many years of experience in getting down and dirty with the unhygienic bits. We specialising in commecial kitchen canopy system cleaning, kitchen duct and ventilation cleaning. Keeping your kitchen and ductwork areas in a fit state so that your chefs and their teams can get on and delight your restaurant customers is what we are all about.

We clean everything back to its original state, from canopies, ductworks, ventilation, fans and filters - in accordance with current insurance regulations which require all food suppliers to have their ventilation systems and filters within commercial kitchens cleaned at least annually.

The frequency of kitchen extract ductwork cleaning all depends on the number of hours per day the kitchen is operational. All kitchen extract systems require cleaning on a minimum of an annual clean, but the continuous use, fast food, high grease contaminated extract systems may require a monthly deep clean to remove the fire risk.

Frequency of Kitchen Extraction Cleaning, Duct Hygiene Specialist
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