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If you are in need of commercial vent hood cleaning in London, you have come to the right place! We provide certified canopy cleaning for restaurants and any facility with a commercial kitchen includes hotels, schools, care homes, golf clubs, hospitals and food outlets... 100% customer satisfaction!

Your kitchen extraction system needs to stay clear and functioning to keep your kitchen air quality clean. This requires regularly scheduled cleanings by an accredited cleaning company. We specialize in commercial kitchen extraction cleaning throughout London, including kitchen duct cleaning in Reading, Croydon, Guildford, Slough, Luton, Heathrow

Kitchen Ductwork Cleaning, Duct Hygiene Specialist

You extraction fan is a critical part of the kitchen extraction system. Over time, grease and charcoal, can coat the fan, potentially creating a dangerous fire hazard. For best results and to know your kitchen fan has been cleaned professionally through out, please contact Duct Hygiene Specialist and secure your livelhood.

Extraction Fan Cleaning, Duct Hygiene Specialit

We have learned if you can’t visibly see the area your trying to clean, then you can’t properly clean those hard to access areas. That is why access panels are critical for preventing kitchen fires. We can carry out a non obligation and free quote for your kitchen extraction system.

Access Panel Installation, Duct Hygiene Specialist

Cleaning your hood filters regularly is the first step in keeping a kitchen extract system in good shape. Let us do the dirty work, and your entire system will be good as new in no time. We have certified staff and experience to clean your canopy filters to keep you safe and compliant with TR/19 standard.

Canopy Filter Cleaning, Duct Hygiene Specialist
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